Please consider the following to prevent Foodborne illness:

  1. Obtain foods from an approved source.

  2. Wash hands thoroughly before handling food, single service items and clean equipment and utensils.

  3. Maintain hot foods at temperatures of 135°F or above

  4. Maintain cool foods at temperatures of 41°F or below

  5. Cook Pork or seafood to an internal minimum temperature of 145° for at least 15 seconds

  6. Cook Beef to an internal minimum temperature of 155°F for at least 15 seconds.

  7. Cook Chicken and other poultry to a n internal minimum temperature of 165° for at least 15 seconds

  8. Reheat cooked foods to a minimum temperature of 165° within two hours of hot holding.

  9. Check food temperatures frequently and probe with a thermometer

  10. Heat foods quickly and cool foods rapidly

  11. Keep raw and cooked foods separated

  12. Use single service articles whenever possible.

  13. Keep foods covered and protected from dust, dirt, inspects, vermin, and human cross contamination

  14. Do not store foods directly in contact with ice used for beverages

  15. Store all food products and equipment at least six inches off the ground.


When in doubt – throw it out.  You – the cooks are responsible for proper food handling at this event.

Rules and Regulations


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